3 Easy Steps

Find the communication towers that most threaten our songbirds using the maps below.

Contact the tower manager using the letter link in the pop-up window, phone, or email.  Letters have proven to be the most effective, followed by phone calls, then emails. 

Tell us how it's going using the Action Form link in the pop-up Infowindow.

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Find the US communication towers with steady burning lights causing serious danger to birds.    


Includes all US flyways traveled by birds each spring and fall.

Important Bird Areas & Towers

Find communication towers that are a hazard to migrating birds near or in Important Bird Areas (IBAs)

Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) are:

  • Places of international significance for the conservation of birds and other biodiversity

  • Recognised world-wide as essential places for conservation

  • Distinct areas offering a wide range of conservation opportunities

  • Integrated sites forming a wide approach to the conservation and sustainable use of the natural environment

Tower Finder

1-50 Mile Radius

Finds all towers within a 1-50 mile radius that you designate.  Perfect for finding towers near your home, nesting areas, or other important bird areas.

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