7 Million North American birds die every year colliding with communication towers

You can help right now by using this simple app on any desktop computer, cell phone, tablet or laptop

Many of our songbirds are needlessly dying by colliding with communication towers.


You can help today by using this free app to ask the tower manager to simply turn off the lights with FCC approval

3 Easy Steps

  1. SongbirdSaver app finds all communication towers near you that are critically dangerous to birds

  2. Contact tower engineer and ask them to turn off the lights with FCC approval - it's a win-win for tower owners, our birds and you

  3. Tell us how it's going - It's that simple

4 Simple Tools

What it Does

SongbirdSaver is the simplest and fastest way to make communication towers safer for our North American songbirds.

Join everyone who cares about the lives and future of our songbirds.

Find the exact tower location

Locate all the communication towers near your home, in your city, or state - and beyond

Zoom-in Fast

Zoom-in to ground level fast.  You can even "walk" around the tower

Make bird migration safer

Helps migrating birds especially vulnerable to communication towers with steady burning lights    

Lowering operating costs are important to communication tower owners.  Help educate them on all the benefits of switching to flashing tower lights

Finding towers near wildlife preserves, stop-overs, and clean water sources critical to birds 

See Complete Tower Information

Pop-up bubbles show complete information about the tower including contacts, location, and owners

See all towers along migration routes

Easily find towers endangering birds along flyways

Help protect our Important Bird Areas (IBAs)

Identify towers near IBA's so critical to bird survival

Search for all Near-by Towers

Tell tower owners how they benefit from fixing their lights

Birds & Safer Towers

Dr. Longcore

University of Southern California:

Making Towers Safer for Birds

American Bird Conservancy (ABC)

I never want to see our songbirds disappear.  With this app I can help protect our birds.  I use both my phone and laptop

Our birds are disappearing fast. This app helps me protect the endangered birds I love.

Many of America’s most critical bird habitats are near communication towers with steady burning lights causing serious danger to birds. This app helps reduce or remove that threat.  more   

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